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What is Design-I-Y?

Design-I-Y is an online home renovation platform. We created easy-to-use tools and processes that mimic the same tools that design experts use around the country. This platform combines e-commerce and design inspiration within a database of thousands of products, materials, and spaces. Our design team selects each space and product individually to showcase outstanding quality, design, and industry trends. Use Design-I-Y to discover inspiration for a major renovation or for a new light fixture in your kitchen. Design-I-Y was created by expert designers, architects, contractors, and other industry professionals to make renovating easy!

Is Dipt Free to use?

Everything on the platform and all our tools are completely free. You can choose to purchase a design package or a one-on-one meeting with one of our designers if you'd like to receive customized support.

What is the difference between Dipt and Design-I-Y?

Design-I-Y was created and launched in 2023 by Dipt. Dipt was started in NYC in 2018 as an interior design and architecture firm. After several years of successful operation and expansion, we created Design-I-Y, which is an online design and planning tool that combines e-commerce and a pinterest-style discovery database. Design-I-Y is completely free to use, while the design services and packages are available for purchase. Dipt oversees the development of all projects, custom millwork, and operations at Design-I-Y.

How can I schedule a call with someone?

Let us know in the chat box here that you'd like to schedule a call and you will receive a link to set up a call via Calendly. If you prefer or it is urgent, please email us at

What does Dipt mean?

"Dipt" is an abbreviation of the word "Diptyque". Diptyque refers to a piece of art with or created in two parts. We were inspired by this concept and believe that every renovation is also created in two parts: one being the design and the second being construction. Both parts are essential for the project; two parts of a whole.

How long will it take for me to get bids from my contractor?

The industry standard wait time is 1-2 weeks. If you're waiting longer than 2 weeks there are higher chances of errors in pricing and scope of work. However, depending on your location, size of your project, and contractor; they may have specific processes that take longer to produce a construction bid. If you are working with Dipt in an in-person service location, our contractors typically take no more than 2-weeks to get a construction bid created and returned to you. We typically see contractor proposals within a week of the first meeting if there are sufficient drawings and scope documentation.

Do I pay Dipt for any services?

Homeowners can purchase Dipt design packages for their project– which in that case, the homeowner will pay dipt for design and drawing services. Our design services are priced so that you can pick and choose how much or how little your want our help in your project. We offer packages that start at just $189, for 45 min of work with an experienced Dipt designer.

What If I am outside of the service areas but would like in-person services?

If your home or project is currently outside of the outlined Dipt service areas, feel free to get in touch with us. Depending on your project and location we may be able to still work with you. Dipt currently works in several states, however we only have official in-person services in a few major cities. Our official in-person service locations are; Austin and Dallas-Fort-Worth, TX, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY.

What are the design services Dipt offers for free?

Working with Dipt allows homeowners free access to architects, interior designers, and experienced renovators. We created our platform using the combined knowledge and experience from our entire team. If you can't find the answer or support you're looking for on the platform, please message us your questions and we will try to answer, for free. Due to our client volume we may have limited time to answer all questions for free. So we may suggest that you purchase and book a one-on-one design meeting if we can't fully provide an answer in less than 15 min.

How does Dipt get paid?

Dipt is a revolutionary way to start and complete your renovation. Dipt gets paid a small amount from our contractors to be part of our network. We partner with only a handful of qualified and competitively priced construction teams, so they are happy to share a small portion of their profits for great clients and project support.

What are the benefits of using Dipt?

The benefits of using Dipt are comparable to working with a high-end, experienced architecture and design firm, because before we created the Design-I-Y platform, that's what we were! Here are a few of the top benefits of working with Dipt:
1. Free and Affordable design assistance from interior designers and architects
2. Dipt partnered with today's top brands and retailers to connect you with our favorite products, finishes, materials, and lighting
3. Find trade only discounts for your finishes and materials from our brand partners
4. Manage and organize your project with industry tools, for free!
5. Get started faster and renovate with less stress knowing that we can offer the support you want, when you need it.

where does Dipt work in the US?

Dipt design packages and one-on-one meetings can take place anywhere in the US, since a portion of our designers will work virtually with you to design your space. Our in-person service locations are; Austin and Dallas-Fort-Worth, TX, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY, which are exclusive to the Premium Design Package option.

What brands does Dipt have on the Design-I-Y platform?

You can find our most current list of preferred and supported brands by clicking the "Retailer" or "Brand" sorting function within the "Shop Products" database. We are working hard to incorporate more of our favorite brands, check back or sign up for updates to follow along!

what are the in-person service areas for Dipt design packages?

Our in-person service locations are; Austin and Dallas-Fort-Worth, TX, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY, which are exclusive to the Premium Design Package option.

What is the FF&E in My Project Dashboard?

An FF&E sheet, also known as a Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment sheet, is a document that lists all the furniture, fixtures, and equipment required for a particular project, such as a building or a renovation. It is typically used by architects, interior designers, and project managers to identify the necessary items for a project and estimate the associated costs. Dipt has created an interactive tool that automatically saves your selected products into a custom FF&E sheet!

The FF&E sheet includes details such as the item name, quantity, description, model number, manufacturer, supplier, and cost. The document may also include information about the delivery and installation of the items, as well as any warranties or maintenance requirements. The FF&E sheet plays an important role in the project planning process, as it helps ensure that all necessary items are accounted for and that the project stays within budget. It is also useful for tracking the progress of the project, as items can be marked off the list as they are acquired and installed.

What is a Moodboard?

A moodboard is a collage of visual materials, such as spaces, products, and materials, that are assembled to convey a particular style, feeling, or atmosphere. Moodboards are commonly used in design and creative fields to communicate a visual concept or idea to clients, collaborators, or team members. Moodboards are often created at the beginning of a project to establish a visual direction and guide the design process. Create a Moodboard on your dipt platform to save your favorite spaces, materials, and products. You can create as many as you'd like. You can also connect a Moodboard to a specific project to reference within your custom project dashboard.

Where can I find the design packages to purchase?

You can find our design packages in a few ways.
1. Click "My Projects" and click "Start A New Project". You'll be guided through a few questions and on question #4, you'll have an option to select and purchase a package.
2. In the top right corner, you can click into your profile settings. The drop down should include an option for "about Design Packages". There you can find all options for purchase.
3. If you'd like to set up a call to learn more about our services, schedule with us by chatting with us in the chat window on the lower right hand corner of the screen. We will send a direct link to set up a virtual call!